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  1. ST1X

    banned for no reason

    Can I get the unban then? I've wasted 10 hours on the server just to get falsely banned
  2. ST1X

    banned for no reason

    I got banned by an admin named joell for "multi-hack" even tho I wasn't cheating
  3. ST1X

    banned for no reason

    I was falsely banned tho Banned by Admin Joell
  4. ST1X

    banned for no reason

    I got banned by "Joell" My name is "kiddo"
  5. i got banned for no reason, i've been spectated by many admins and they say im not cheating but this admin just banned me, maybe its cause i have a "new" account and its lvl 4, and i have that account because i cant play on my main cause an admin banned me in 2018 for having an emoji in my name and when i had a chance to unban it, it was too late cause they cleared out ALL bans from 2018 when the new year started.
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