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  1. then let him provide proof i was shaking my crosshair you retard
  2. Check pm please @Mini

  3. [Mod] Hunters : fuck u sweaty mustard ALSO TOXIC LMAO
  4. Terrorist) Gillty : idk lol it i guess i was too far from the door [Mod] Hunters : why u losing gillty Tried to look up command say as if it were a variable. Gillty : hunters im impressed by my flashes *DEAD* [Mod] Hunters : jaja *DEAD* [Mod] Hunters : banu gribi? maybe this is proof or what idk that chineese language bruh
  5. First of all, lets start from the beggining where he ruined gameplay on cache to everyone with beaconing everyone and freezing everyone and drugging everyone. He did that like 5 times, then after cache it was dust2 where we were playing i was chilling and eating, basically killed like 10 people and then he said why im not sweating, i answered im not sweating because im impressed how bad flash i threw and he banned me, checked the sourcebans and was banned for aimbot. How can i fucking be banned for aimbot without any proof from his side, he has to have proof or else i have to be unbanned, if i wont get unbanned if he didnt provide proof this server is bad, admins are false banning. For example admin doesnt like someone he can ban him without proof for some wallhack and then the player wont be unbanned. If he doesnt provide proof unban me, because that is retarded situation and movement from side of hunters admin. ofc i dont have proof because i was eating and why would i record my gameplay when im chilling
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