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  1. Smile


    Gaging in a server like a complexed kid! I whant to have a refound for a VIP after this stupid situation!
  2. Smile


    Special for a nobrain creatures like You "Fani kid"... Before You open that stinky mouth think twice or first ask me private how I got to Your server and how I bougt that shit called VIP. Im born and I still live in Belgium , where I work together with a persons from Latvia who suggested me this server and bouht a service because I asked him for that only bcause it was possible in Your language. And Im really upset because that was stupid gag in my opinion. There was nothing said like that. And it proves that "powered kids" do what they whant. P.S. I dont need a refound also , You can keep that change. You can ban me by IP adress (***, I dont need that shit but You my friend should check twice who is getting these privilegies - You will lose a lot paying customers in future.
  3. Smile


    You had to gag Yourself! 5 Par lamāšanos, flūdu čatā, nemitīgu kāda apvainošanu čītošanā, dīkšanu par kartes maiņu u.tml. lietām Swearing/flooding the chat, blaming for cheating, changing the map repeatedly or etc. gag, mute, kick, ban līdz(up to) 1440 min.

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