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  1. pAppydiNh000

    KZ Tournament

    Okay, let me catch a word with moGo and see what the situation is.' Thanks for the heads up Luna. As far as I understood, he got a pass to still play on the server if he stopped the cheating. I've seen him multiple times on the server now and nothing suspecious going on now. But lemme talk with moGo.
  2. pAppydiNh000

    KZ Tournament

    So far: Kordoff Nexor suzuki miyagi Luna EagleEye pAppydiNh000 Zerox sergens Glad to see this boys Help me get more people! 🙂
  3. pAppydiNh000

    KZ Tournament

    Very nice. And welcome to the forums, Nexor 🖐️
  4. pAppydiNh000

    KZ Tournament

    Another thing to add; It's NOT PRO RUNS! How it works: !challenge > Checkpoints: Yes > No Bet (Only if you both agree to play with points on the risk) > Player When the player who gets challenged accepts it, you're good to go and we start!
  5. pAppydiNh000

    KZ Tournament

    Nice to hear boys. I will try to work on it, but we will need atleast 20-30 participants for this to be a reality if I am gonna try to work out with winnings to 1st and 2nd.
  6. pAppydiNh000

    KZ Tournament

    Skill is not the most important thing. Having fun while doing this is the better. Another thing I forgot to tell about was the timeline for the tournament. I do have a few thoughts - but they are also depending on the number of participants. 1. Do the whole tourney on 1 day/evening 2. Do it throughout a whole weekend. Like 3 hours a day Friday-Sunday 3. A whole week, where people have different days. People not showing up (Of course there will be some) is just gonna get disqualified and the shown-up guy is through to next round.
  7. pAppydiNh000

    KZ Tournament

    Hi guys! 🙂 I was wondering if people would find it funny to do a KZ tournament? How it should be done: Every player register themselves for the tournament We have a pool of people who is in the tournament. We do knockout rounds all the way throughout the tournament. We randomly put players up against each other. (Example: Fani, Serex, Zerox & Me are in the pool. We randomly choose 2 to challenge each other - Fani against Zerox. Winner goes to next round, looser is out. Maps are chosen by admins (No EXTREME maps - mostly medium maps) Winner will get a prize. Give me some feedback of what you think about this idea. Any suggestions to the rules etc of the tournament are freely to be put in this thread. - Kris. ******** Edit: Keep this thread in English, so we dodge misunderstandings between me and the latvian language!! ********
  8. pAppydiNh000

    Application: Admin

    Aye. It's been some days now and I haven't really got any response about getting the admin rights. Anything I can do?
  9. pAppydiNh000

    Hi guys! :)

    I'm not anything good at LJ tho, but if I can help in anyway, hmu buddy! 🙂
  10. pAppydiNh000

    Yoyo mani mazie drā***i

    Hi Luna. Google translate did a really bad job, but I got the essence of your post lol!
  11. pAppydiNh000

    Mini čau!

    Hi Mini! 🙂
  12. pAppydiNh000


    Hello good sir! 🙂 Very slav, very masculine!
  13. pAppydiNh000

    Hi guys! :)

    Yo boys n girls! 🙂 Just wanted to say hi since im fairly new to the forums here. I'm active on the kz server and in case you have questions or want/need help about maps etc, hmu! 🙂 Feel free to add me on steam, my profile is linked to my profile here - Just put a comment why you add me! Cheers, have a good one people! 🙂 Regards, Kris
  14. pAppydiNh000

    Welcome thread.

    Hi boys n girls. As the title says, I think we need a welcome thread to all new members of the kz community. Could be fine to get to know the community/players to know. And a good start to that is always a presentation of yourself. Yay or nay?
  15. pAppydiNh000

    Application: Admin

    Hi Serex, I'm really appreciating your reply! I've been very active, but maybe be haven't crossed our ways or noticed each other. My only intention with getting admin is honestly to keep the server on a good mood and help people as much as I can.

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