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  1. Serex

    Application: Admin

    I have not noticed you in server that much, but looking at your stats they look pretty decent to candidate. I'll give you +rep but don't make me regret my decision, be active in server and don't abuse your commands. You sound like a down to earth guy, good hopes for your future in our kz server, best wishes to your application, and hope to see you soon in the kz server with that admin group next to your name!
  2. Serex

    Daudz laimes fani! 18 gadi,

    hz, man arī nav ne jausmas 🤔 HB doe
  3. Serex

    Yoyo mani mazie drā***i

    Nomieriniet cīsiņus jaunie cilvēki, and yea svejxxx
  4. Serex

    Nākamais posms

    Šitais daudz labāks nekā vecais, malači ! ♿

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