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Atrisinājums CS:GO crashiem pec mapes ielādes

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Latvian version.

Ja tev ir gadījies tā, ka tev ielādē mapi un tev nocrasho spēle, tad šis varbūt palīdzēs.

Pirms šo dariet, izejiet no spēles!

Solis 1:

Uzspied labo peles klikšķi uz Counter-Strike: Global Offensive spēles, līdz izmetās šis logs. Logā spied pogu "Properties".







Solis 2:

Kad uzspiedi pogu "Properties", tev izmetīsies šāds logs. Logā spied pogu "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS".



Solis 3:
Kad esi uzspiedis pogu "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS", tev izmetīsies šāds logs. Logā raksti -cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 un -setting.mem_level 0 tad uzspied pogu "OK".



Šis nesalaboja neko priekš arēnas. Taču pubam un retake viss strādā bez crashiem. Šis dažiem neko nedarīs.


English version.

If your game crashes when the map loads in, this might help you.

Before doing this, leave your game!


Step 1:

Right click on the button called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then this window will pop up. When it does, press the button "Properties".



Step 2:

When you pressed the button "Properties", this window should pop up. When it does press the button called "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS".



Step 3:

When you pressed the button "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS", this windows should pop up. In this window just type -cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 and -setting.mem_level 0 then press "OK".



This doesn't work for everyone. This doesn't work for the arena server, for me atleast it doesn't.

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Nice work vecit!!

plusiņš no manis:)

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