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admin application for arena 1v1

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1. Links to my steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198849554067/

2. What admin privileges do you want: a standard admina package.

3. Competitive Experience: I've been playing csgo (legendary eagle) for a long time (global in wingman)  I often play mm with friends to have fun, but  we usually end up trying to win.
 I have encountered many cheaters during my mm experience and arena 1v1s and I think it destroys my mm experience, so now days i just try to have a fun time 🙂 .

4.  age: 16 years (name: Joel) will be 17 in November

5. Tell us why you deserve the rights of an administrator: hey i love Chill.lv arena 1v1, and its kinda sad that all the cheaters destroy this experience for all of us trying to have a good time, Im always on this server on my free time (for exmple after school). i have some experience of being admin, when the swedish 1v1 server "surfburken" started, i applied for admin and got to be admin for a few months.
I want to apply for the full package because I really want to help change the server and to get rid of the cheaters who destroy us legitimate players experience, there isnt alot of admins i've seen so why not try and help the server you know 😄


//sum swedish dude

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Hi, tnx for application from my side looks legit. 

I will ask today few other Arena admins snd then i will post final result 3)

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+REC go we need help in arena!

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Access for 1 month test period, PM me your steam id 🙂

Slez will supervise you, if you have any questions regarding admin commands etc. contact Slez.

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